Landlord Certification

Landlord Certification

Under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations (GSIUR) Landlords and Managing Agents have a duty to ensure all gas installation pipework, gas appliances and flue systems owned by them are maintained in a safe condition.  This duty extends to gas and heating appliances including central heating boilers where the appliance is typically located remotely from the main residential area, but which provides heat to that area. 

Health & Safety legislation also requires that gas and electrical safety inspections are carried out in the residential letting, commercial and public sectors. 

At Gracelands we provide the services of qualified, experienced and trusted GasSafe Engineers and NICEIC registered Electricians to meet these demands.  

Our Landlord Certification service includes:

  • Site inspections and surveys
  • Gas & Electrical testing
  • Gas certification
  • Portable appliance testing
  • Electrical certification
  • Periodic inspections & testing
  • 24/7 Emergency Cover

What’s involved

When instructed by a Landlord or Managing Agent to carry out a ‘landlord’s gas safety record check’ Gracelands’ GasSafe Engineers are required to produce a record of the check to include:

  • The date on which the pipework, appliance or flue was checked
  • The address of the premises at which the pipework, appliance or flue was installed
  • The name and address of the Landlord and/or Managing Agent of the premises at which the pipework, appliance or flue was installed
  • Location details and a description of each appliance or flue checked
  • Any defect(s) identified
  • Any remedial action(s) taken

Also, confirmation that the check we undertake complies with the requirements of the GSIUR, which state: “where a person performs work on a gas appliance, he shall immediately thereafter examine”:

  • The effectiveness of any flue
  • The supply of combustion air
  • Its operating pressure or heat input or, where necessary, both
  • Its operation so as to ensure its safe functioning”
  • The name and signature of the individual carrying out the check
  • The GasSafe registration number of the GasSafe Engineer, or their Employer