How to prepare and what to expect before work begins

How to prepare and what to expect before work begins

To ensure everything runs smoothly and you get exactly what you want, we need to carry out a number of surveys. These include:

Pre-works consultation and survey

This will include a pre-condition survey where we usually take photographs to ensure we leave your property as we found it. We’ll listen carefully to your requirements and ensure they are carried out and do our best to support you through the works. You will be given the name and contact number of our office manager who will be your main contact.

Our project supervisor will advise on all surveys and guide you through the planned works offering advice and help.

Asbestos inspection survey

This only applies if you have asbestos in your home. The asbestos management company will contact you directly to arrange a separate date for the asbestos testing survey. We’ll provide their contact details and ask that you are present during the survey as we cannot proceed until this survey is completed.

Electrical inspection survey

An electrical inspection will be carried out prior to starting work.

Start date and timing

When all surveys are complete we’ll agree a works start date. Please let our office manager know of any dates you won’t be available such as holidays and medical appointments. Also discuss any special arrangements that may affect your availability. By working together we can avoid unnecessary cancellations and delays.

Bathroom replacement works usually take around 10 working days, but we always aim to complete sooner. Occasionally unforeseen work may arise requiring an extension of the completion date. Our project supervisor will always keep you informed of any delays.

We make every effort to protect your home and possessions

Before work begins we lay down protective covers in the hall and stairway up to the work areas. Dust may spread to other areas of your home, but we will always do our best to minimise dust and clean up at the end of each day. We will also ensure ongoing work areas are made safe before leaving your property.

Ensuring your pets are secure and safe

The early stages of work can be noisy and distressing to pets. So we suggest you keep your pets secure and safe – away from access areas. We will do our best to respect their space and not cause them unnecessary distress.

Starting work on your project

We will start work on the agreed date according to our project plan and discussions. Work will involve different skills such as carpentry, tiling, plumbing, electrical, plastering and painting.

Electrical works

The electrical works associated with your bathroom or wet room are minimal and necessary to satisfy building regulations. These will take a few hours to complete and will include some or all of the following:

  • Installation of a ventilation fan
  • Installation of moisture resistant light fitting
  • Should you require an electrical shower, a cable will be installed from the fuse board to the shower unit

Additional electrical works

We may be required to carry out testing and upgrading of the electrical installation to the rest of your property. This is often required by local authorities to ensure the installation is safe and complies with IET regulations. Additional work may include:

  • Replacement of the fuse board
  • Installation of smoke detectors
  • Replacement of damaged or aged accessories such as power sockets and light fittings
  • Checking of DIY works to ensure they are safe and comply with IET regulations

We aim to carry out additional electrical work at the same time as the bathroom or wet room installation.

Should your property require a full electrical rewire, then this will be arranged separately as it can take up to one week to complete.

Our electrical supervisor will explain the full extent of electrical works during the pre-works survey.

You will never be left without water or electricity overnight.

Frequently asked questions

The survey and design will tell us what materials and equipment we need to order. Some materials can take three to four weeks to deliver.

No. While it is practical to undertake work while you’re living in the home, some residents prefer to stay with nearby relatives.

Our staff and tradesmen carry Gracelands photo identity cards and wear Graceland branded uniforms or high visibility vests. You are within your rights to refuse entry to anyone you suspect is not from Gracelands.

Yes. We recommend you use a key safe to allow tradesmen to access your property. We are prepared to work in your property while you are out, but we recommend you lock your valuables away to avoid unnecessary complaints. We will ask you to sign a disclaimer form if you decide to use a key safe.

Yes we do. We work closely with some local authorities who can advise on the type of grants available.