Gracelands is committed to working in long-term relationships with its customers based on clear measurement of performance and sustained improvements in quality and efficiency. We understand that partnering is an attitude of mind based on trust, commitment and understanding and that the success of partnering is directly related to the level of these three qualities that each partner brings to the relationship.  For our part, Gracelands will conduct all its activities with trust, commitment and understanding.

It is our intention to work within the spirit of partnering with our customers and in doing so we will achieve:

  1. High levels of service and customer satisfaction
  2. Ongoing improvements in productivity & quality of workmanship
  3. Increased profitability for both parties
  4. Reductions in defects and accidents, leading to ‘zero tolerance’
  5. Best Value
  6. Commercial success for all partners

We will focus on continuous improvement through shared risk, team working and avoiding a blame culture.

We believe value for money is achievable and can be created through long-term benefits and predictability of time and costs, leading to reductions in overall project budgets and forecasts.

We will exceed the Construction Task Force’s target of 20% reduction in defects annually and 10% reduction in construction time.  In parallel, we will achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and a reduction in the number of complaints received. We will achieve this through continuous improvement in the quality of workmanship provided and as compared to the quality currently being received.

Contract Management & Performance Monitoring

We will focus on clearly defining the customer’s needs and priorities to enable the whole team to work together to satisfy and exceed expectations; improving performance and quality whilst reducing costs and eliminating waste. We will benchmark the progress of the contract by completing mutually agreed Key Performance Indicators which will be reviewed at monthly project or contract review meetings.

By proactive management of our business, and of our customer’s contract(s), we are able to identify specific areas of strength and areas for improvement. Internally, we monitor not only work-based performance but also how our employees feel about their role within the company.

We concentrate on staff development, team building, job satisfaction, motivation and professional training needs and opportunities. Because the quality of service we provide to our customers is dependent on the commitment of our employees, we take every opportunity to ensure our employees feel valued and part of our team.

We welcome an ‘open book’ approach to accounting.

To enable both parties to keep abreast of changes occurring in the industry, we will arrange and jointly contribute to the cost of applicable professional training.

Customer & Quality Assurance

Our focus is on health & safety, employee development, customer satisfaction, high standards of service delivery and to continuous improvement.   All work undertaken is carried out by our team of highly qualified and experienced GasSafe engineers and NICEIC accredited electricians; all of whom are carefully selected and who maintain their professional level of competence under the latest industry regulations.  Gracelands guarantees its workmanship for a period of two years.  The high standard and quality of our workmanship has made us an ’employer of choice’ for local gas engineers and electricians.  Whatever our customers’ requirements, we know they can rely on us to provide a first class service at a fair and competitive price.

Gracelands is accredited with MCS and RECC and abide by their Consumer Codes of Practice.  We are also registered with Trust Mark.