Pelly Court, Epping

Pelly Court, Epping

Contract Ref./Name:              1423 Electrical Testing, Upgrading and Rewiring (Domestic)

Name of customer:                Epping Forest District Council (EFDC)

Value of contract:                   £350,000 pa

Duration of contract:              5 years

Scope / Overview: The testing and commissioning of existing electrical installations and carrying out rewires or upgrade remedial works within individual occupied domestic properties. In particular where residents have carried out their own DIY works, the aim of the contracted works is to ensure the installations are safe for end users.

Pelly Court, Epping

Electrical wiring within each flat had been wired in MICC cable buried in concrete walls. Due to the age and method of the original installations, cables had started to degrade and were causing short circuiting to the ring final circuits.

To rewire ring final circuits in 20 no. dwellings and to renew the main fuse board. In planning and preparing for the works, several challenges were identified by our project team, including:

  • Explaining the urgency of the works to the elderly residents whilst reassuring them minimal disruption would be caused.

To overcome this, our Works Supervisor held a pre-works meeting with the Warden which provided our project team with valuable insight as to any specific needs of individual residents, enabling us to programme and plan the works accordingly. Our project team also attended a resident consultation meeting with the Warden, Residents and Council Officials, so that we could explain in detail the reasons and necessity for the works, how the works would be carried out and what, if any, temporary impact they may have on the residents’ daily routines and access to on-site amenities.

  • Consideration of the aesthetics of installing surface trunking.

In planning the works we chose less visible routes for installation of trunking, generally following the existing contours of the room where possible.

  • Consideration of communal smoke detection and emergency call systems whilst works are in progress.

Before works commenced smoke detectors were protected with dust proof covers. We also proactively engaged and programmed in the services and on-site attendance of the specialist contractor for the Warden emergency call system, so that the pull cords within the lounge area could be re-sited.

  • Site specific Health, Safety and Welfare considerations.

Our project team planned for the works to start at a slightly later time than is usual each day, so that residents didn’t feel rushed in getting up and dressed each morning. Residents were also encouraged to use the communal lounge whilst works were being carried out in their flat.

As is standard company procedure, site safety work methods were followed ensuring the works areas, and access to them, were kept clean and tidy throughout, enabling residents to move freely and unencumbered around the residential home. Battery operated tools were used throughout.

  • Elimination of short circuiting of ring final circuit reducing ongoing maintenance issues for the Council.
  • Fuse board upgraded to be compliant with IET 17th edition regulations.
  • Improved lighting and additional electrical sockets installed in each flat.