About Us

Our History

Gracelands Complete Maintenance Services Ltd (Gracelands) was established in March 2003. Since that time we have expanded our operations to include installation, maintenance and repair services for gas and heating, electrical, plumbing and solar systems. Our customers include a number of Local Authorities.

A contributing factor to our continued growth and success is the excellent reputation we have earned for ourselves within the industry; a reputation built on quality workmanship and excellent customer focused service delivery.

Our engineers and electricians are professionally accredited, highly skilled and have extensive knowledge and experience in their field.

Gracelands undertakes government grant work and works in partnership with and carries out contract work for Local Authorities. We are a recognised agent for most leading boiler manufacturers.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision and mission statements act as a roadmap and compass for the future of our business. For our employees they give direction about how they are expected to behave whilst inspiring them to give their best. Shared with our customers, they help shape their understanding of why they should choose Gracelands CMS Ltd to work with, rather than our competitors.

  • Create mutually beneficial value and business success when working with our customers and suppliers
  • Provide a first class service based on quality workmanship and customer satisfaction
  • Be considerate to customers’ homes, premises and property; treating them as if our own
  • In conducting our business to operate within a clear ethical framework
  • Be diverse and inclusive in dealing with each other, our customers and our suppliers
  • Be compliant with all current regulations
  • Focus on the market and the needs of our customers
  • Seek always to improve what we do by continual assessment and review, learning from our outcomes, customers and industry contacts
  • Operate safe systems and work practices and ensure the safety of our people, customers and the public
  • Be a responsible corporate citizen supporting and contributing in positive ways to the physical and social environments in which we operate
  • Be sensitive and considerate to local customs and traditions
  • Engage the hearts and minds of our employees and inspire them to give their best
  • Encourage a positive mental attitude amongst our employees; adopting a ‘can do’ approach
  • Leverage employee talent and expertise
  • Be empowered and accountable for our decisions and actions: “if it is to be, it’s up to me”
  • Work efficiently and smarter ,not harder
  • Be the difference that makes a difference
  • Remain responsive to change whilst continuing to grow in a sustainable way
  • Believe in what we do
  • Be honest, authentic and realistic
  • Remind ourselves of the reason why we are in business
  • Live our values
  • Honesty

To Customers

  • To create, develop and sustain strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers
  • To achieve a thorough understanding of our customers’ aims and needs in order to deliver what they need and to satisfy them
  • To deliver high-quality products and services to specification, budget and within agreed timescales
  • Where operationally beneficial and financially viable, to invest in and effectively utilise the most appropriate technology to further enhance service delivery and customer satisfaction

To Employees

  • To create a safe, healthy, challenging, rewarding, participative, fair working environment for everyone
  • To utilise the full talents and skills of all our people through a process of fair and effective selection, and with support for training and professional and personal development

To Suppliers

  • To create, develop and sustain long-term relationships
  • To engage with suppliers who will promote supply chain efficiency to the benefit of all parties
  • To work with those suppliers whose principles, policies and practices are compatible with our own

To The Wider Community

  • To seek to positively engage with, and contribute to, the communities in which we work
  • To operate in a sustainable manner now, and with consideration for the planet and future generations